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Picture of Anne & Sid
 Anne Race

Animal Healer & Communicator

RVN, MNFSH, SAC Dip (Animal Communication)

Anne is an experienced and intuitive animal healer who uses a combination of Aura-Soma, distant healing and energy work to help animals. Using photographs to link with them, Anne is able to pick up imbalances within their aura and then works with the animals to clear these irregularities, helping them to restore their equilibrium.
Every healing session is different and is individually tailored to fit the needs of each animal. Anne focuses not only on physical ailments, but also on how the animal is feeling emotionally and mentally too, which if not addressed can lead to physical problems in the body after a while.
After obtaining full healer membership of The Healing Trust and becoming a Reiki 2 practitioner, Anne felt that there was more that she could offer to help animals, so she went on to develop her own unique style of healing. Her intuition directed her to include Aura-Soma as an essential part of each healing session, and listening to the animals and following their guidance has enabled her to fine-tune exactly how to help them most effectively. Over the years she has helped many animals, some of whom have made remarkable recoveries.
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